welcome to the home of photographer Jonah Blue.

about me? I was born in nineteen eighty one and I live in happy Huskisson in sunny Shoalhaven on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

about my work? My photography looks at life and people. Essentially looking at the story, the purpose of my work is always to observe and share the wonderful reality. I love people and the world as they are and I love the usual as much as the unusual. I genuinely value being asked to photograph life and I value the way each new project takes me to another place and into another group of people. Past clients include a mountain of amazing people as well as commercial and media organizations. I travel a lot and I am currently available for portraits, weddings, commercial and editorial projects and commissions either close to my home on the south coast or anywhere in the big, wide world.

if you would like me to tell your story I’d love to hear about you and what is happening in your world. Contact me for enquiries or for more details about me or any aspect of my work – send me a message to mail@jonahblue.com or call or message me on 0435 946 517 and let me know about your awesome plans.