Portraits of kids and families.

And this is a bit about portraits…for me, portraits are all about capturing stories. My portraits look at life, people and the world as they are, and can document the usual as well as the unusual. I have a peaceful, narrative style approach, and I would always be looking to create portraits which tell authentic, unique and wonderful stories. I work with natural light, using colour and black-and-white.

My work includes portraits of newborns and babies, toddlers and kids, parents and grandparents, whole families, couples and friends. I have had the privilege of capturing all kinds of wonderful families and kids, and I work without any expectations about people or the world. Portraits can be created at homes, on beaches, at favourite places, in ordinary places, or almost anywhere.

And I am currently available for portraits either close to my home, in Huskisson on Jervis Bay, anywhere on the beautiful south coast, and all nearby areas. Learn more about me here, or if you would like to find out more about portraits, please contact us…we would love to hear about you, your family and your story.

This is a collection of portraits…